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Welcome > information technology


We combine SAP platforms with Microsoft web applications to streamline your business operations and boost efficiency, accuracy and throughput.

With a proven track record of successfully delivering practical and effective results, we can help you achieve your business goals creating with SAP a platform for your business growth and continuous improvement. This confirms our dedication to our activities.

We only strive to do best what we're best at: advising, implementing and supporting your business processes based on SAP. Our International network helps our customers being more efficient.

With Mircrosoft web applications linked to SAP we proved to be very successful building front end tools to exciting SAP platform without changing backend process.

Juro can build layers around SAP making business more efficient with customer self service online.

Welcome > human resource development


People are making the difference. Juro helps companies meet their information technology project and operations requirements through its professional IT Staffing & Services. Staffing meets client's resource needs. Trained, experienced IT Professionals fill critical assignments.


  • Flexibility, performance
  • Provides full support to IT projects and operations when and where required
  • Expands/contracts with workload
  • Meets client requirements for skills and experience


  • Avoids costs of employee recruiting, training, and replacement
  • Reduces costs of maintaining employees when requirements end

Welcome > project management


Our customers like to work with project managers who understand the business issues and the culture for delivering added value and the desired changes.

Working across the entire project from defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered we collaborate with you to understand your goals and strategies while introducing our extensive SAP knowledge and experience to your business.

Juro project management will work in partnership with you to make sure your business really takes off. Projects bring about change and Juro project management is recognized as the most efficient way of managing such change.

Welcome > coaching and training

jurobc People like change but don't want to be changed

We implemented world wide IT projects where we gave a lot of attention to the user community. People make the difference if an implemented IT solution works. We are dealing with a change where the users and managers of the business are the key players to make the change a success.

Therefore Juro developed a training program to implement better changes around processes and IT within organizations.


Individual training and coaching of employees is part of our business.

Juro works with professional coaches how make use of the latest knowledge to help people finding there next step within or outside their organization.

Home > welcome

jurobc Better business by better processes

Organizations today must have dynamic processes in order to efficiently and effectively react to competitive pressures and technology changes, while operating with limited resources. Balancing process effectiveness, efficiency, and quality has never been more important. To give you an overview of what you can expect of our company we give you a description of the area’s of expertise of Juro Business Consultancy.

Juro Business Consultancy was founded by Stephan Welling in 2004.  Our business service includes:
jurobc Information Technology
jurobc Human Resource Development
jurobc Project management
jurobc Coaching en training

Throughout our appraisals, training, and consulting, we employ a hands-on, tailored, on-site approach with clear deliverables and actionable results focused entirely on process improvement and measurement. Better business by better processes that is what Juro stands for.

Home > our vision

jurobc We do what we promise and promise what we are doing

The dynamic developments in the world of business keep presenting new challenges for companies. However, we would like to use these developments as an opportunity to actively influence the market together with our clients. We begin where others stop.

Our goal is to make organizations more beautiful then they are already. Not to keep up with the present status, but to be always one step ahead

Our service offer includes a complete, future-oriented consultancy

Our creativity, expertise and flexibility will open new avenues in your business strategy

Home > references

jurobc It is all about you

We provide permanent and freelance consultancy services to the
Accountancy and Finance, Banking Technology, Engineering, Global Markets, IT, Oil & Gas, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain sectors.

Our clients are

SAP - Philips - Unilever - Rijnconsult Houten - Hyva International BV - Kennismachinefabriek BV - Euromaster - Electrabel - Sieber Hegner - NOC*NSF
If you have any questions about Jurobc, this website or the services that we provide please complete the online form below and we will be in touch shortly.
Alternatively you can contact us on Juro Business Consultancy via telephone +31 (0) info@jurobc.com
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